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New "Coffee Toys" to enjoy filter and slow coffee

Kia Ora and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

We are really starting to ramp up into the new year, having run 3 pop-ups already this year because of our amazing community, we are certainly learning a lot and learning fast.

I have a new admiration for those amazing, wonderful, patient, loving baristas of the world - having to crank out 150-200 coffees in 2 hours nearly broke my spirit, but like Chumbawumba "I get up again" - btw, one of my favourite hobbies is ear worms - those songs that get stuck in your head for an hour or days that you hum along to... so if in half an hour you are still singing "I get knocked down" do hit me up on Insta, I do enjoy having a giggle at that misfortune - @drinkpiratecoffee

To change the pace a bit we are bringing on a few pieces of coffee toys, mainly around filter and pour over coffee, but also tampers and bits and pieces you may want to upgrade or just clean your machines with.

I'm a recent convert to the Hario V60 (thanks Kym - my sister). For simplicity and enjoying the process it really is a great way to have a long black, or a black coffee with a touch of cold milk.

The process of brewing is gravity based so without the pressure of running it through the espresso machine, the shot is more pure and aligns better to the natural characteristics of the bean itself. So we have a few of the Hario V60 Ceramic kits in stock, you can also swing into the Roastery and try the difference before you buy.

We have also gotten our hands on some of the Brewista Flat V Cone Glass Drippers also designed for that slow and tasty pour over experience.

And yes, we have the filters on offer for both of the options.

I'm playing around with some different roasts at the moment so keep an eye out for the perfect pour over coffee to suit this swag - you might even be tempted to "taste the world" from your own sofa - watch this space.

Nga mihi kia koutou (in Te Reo Maori that means thank you all very much) for the ongoing support and connection.

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