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Subscribers Get Magic!

Happy Wednesday and happier for some of you who are on monthly subscriptions.

I've jumped back into the creative side of things having gotten a small quantity of Nicaragua & Ethiopian beans that will go out in this month’s subscription packs (, thank you for your ongoing support and we hope you enjoy the new flavours!

I picked these Nicaraguan beans as they are a Rainforest Alliance bean ( ensuring that the coffee is grown in a way that is low impact to forests, while still supporting the farmers and growers of this chocolate goodness!

Courtesy of Hamish MacEwan via Google Maps

As many of you know, I’m a kiwi, so I grew up with darker roasts and chocolate, smoky flavours - in fact my favourite place in Wellington, NZ was Midnight Espresso in Cuba St. Both, for their coffee and their sensational muffins. So you will find a lot of this influence in the beans I roast and the flavours I typically have in my beans.

The Ethiopian is a little daring for me, with sultana and berry tones it’s a fruit flavour that I think is more suited to filter and pour over. Typically the coffee connoisseurs favourite cup, I’m a little atypical - give me a smoky caramel Cuban coffee anyday!

So I hope you enjoy the mixture of flavours and experience of new countries - I’m enjoying working with new beans and being a little experimental with my coffee roasting - all to deliver the best coffee experience you can have.

So enjoy your Wednesday and your coffee!

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