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Our Impact

Pirate Coffee is a platform for positive action for men's mental wellbeing. 

Our goal is to target 5% of profit from the sales of coffee beans and corporate workshops to Australian grassroots charity, Mongrel's Men.

Donations to Mongrels Men fund regular Meetups and Connection Opportunities, Mental Health First Aid, Workshops and a variety of Movement based activities that encourage Men Connecting and Conversing

You can find out more about the work they do here:

Damian has recently established the local chapter of Mongrel's Men men's meet-ups here in Nelson Bay. 

We also partner with communities, schools and sports clubs to run coffee pop-ups to jointly raise funds for their needs. 

Since launch we have supported the following communities :

  • $500 donation to Fingal Bay Surf Lifesaving Club 

  • $500 raised for Nelson Bay Swim Club

  • $338 raised for Mt Keira School

If you're interested in partnering to fundraise for men's health, or would like to find out more about our community coffee events, please contact us. 

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