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Single Origin - Small Batch of the Month

Single Origin - Small Batch of the Month


Welcome to our brand-new feature - small batch, single origin coffee.

Each month we're going to bring a feature roast from one of our favourite coffee growing regions (South and Central America, Africa, and emerging Asia-Pacific).


We'll select a country - i.e. an origin (!) and roast up a small batch for you to enjoy. Each batch will be limited, and available whilst supply lasts. 

This month's single origin is ETHIOPIA! Considered the original home of (arabica) coffee, the combination of (high) altitude, (dry) climate, and (rich, red volcanic) soil conditions creates a (soil) terroir that is distinctive - giving Ethiopian coffee it's own interesting profile. 


We've got two awesome roasts on offer this month: a light-medium roast, Ethiopian Gambella and medium, Ethiopian Harrar Longberry.

We love the Harrar Longberry as an Espresso, keep the shot tight so it's oozes like a syrup, it pops ike a toffee sultana explosion.

Gambella are small beans with intense flavour - because the berries are grown in dry conditions. This heirloom bean has berry and cherry notes. Epic on Pour-over and Siphon! 


ROAST SELECTION: Let us know in your order notes which bean you'd prefer! 


GRIND NOTES: Beans are sold as whole beans, please note in your order if you'd like us to grind. (Both roasts can be used in Espresso, but shine as a Pour over, Siphon and Slow Brew methods like Cold Drip).


    Small batch roasted coffee beans, blending art and science wewant to deliver the quality we expect when we buy our beans.

    A percentage of profits from every bean and merchandise sale will go to charities supporting men's mental health with details shared via our Instagram page.


    If you are not happy with the product or have issues with its freshness let us know - we’ll refund the cost of the product. We taste every batch that's roasted, there will be small variations but it’s a standard process to deliver you the quality we demand ourselves! Be kind, it’s a small operation.


    We use Australia Post for domestic shipment, approx $13.55 for up to 5kg, so best value is at least 2-3 bags. If we can find a cheaper alternative we will use it for smaller orders.

    This applies to clothing as well - note the trucker caps are ideal not bent so we will provide a quote prior to sending.

    International customers - please DM us and we will get a quote for you!


    This applies to clothing as well - note the trucker caps are ideal not bent so we will provide a quote prior to sending.


    Whilst we're small and growing, we're still currently offering free local delivery to door across Port Stephens (the home of Pirate Coffee). 

    We're also able to co-ordinate "click and collect" aka local pick-up by arrangement at Pirate Coffee HQ - our Roastery & Retail space in Taylor's Beach. 

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